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Who we are

Boland Oral Care, located in Paarl, Western Cape, provides top-notch oral hygiene and aesthetic services for the entire family

Barbara is the Founder and Owner of Boland Oral Care and she is an incredibly experienced Oral Hygienist with international experience. Barbara has a passion for preventative care and assists her patients through oral health education to ensure they maintain healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. Boland Oral Care encourages a child-friendly practice and believes that prevention will always be better than cure. If healthy habits can be taught from a young age, they will become part of a daily routine and lifestyle. We care about your children’s oral health and will provide the best care in a fun and non-frightening environment that puts your child at ease. We make sure even our smallest patients understand each step of the process and learn how to maintain healthy smiles at home!

“My vision is to do as much prevention as is humanly possible, to maintain as much healthy tooth and gum tissue through regular maintenance at an affordable rate”

We look forward to welcoming new and existing patients to our practice and strive to provide a professional yet friendly service every single time.